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"Optisalt" company. In base of the creation of this company lies the perennial experience of using the varied forms of preparations, their clinical approbation, determination of the most acting components, choice of production technologies.

Investment auto-surfing. Additional money-earnings without leaving your house. Sites advertisement .

New year's redrafting of "" and "" projects.

"Starletta" company has been supplying the assortment of gift products from the best Chinese factories on Russian market during last several years The whole spectrum of these products and the dishes from tiny inexpensive things to solid high-priced, from traditional figured-statuettes to the fenshuj and ethnic goods, ceramics, porcelain, etc can be observed in our new show room.

"YURAND" ñompany leases the cars with driver. Professional drivers perfectly know the streets of the city. You can rent hour-to-hour lease cars, transfers from the airport and to the airport, transfers to railway stations and back. There is also a possibility of long-term leasing of the cars on easy terms.

Renting "Niva" cars VAZ-2121 - is high-grade pathfinder and valiant "rascal" on the most remote sites of roads, the best friend to hunters, fishers and mushroom pickers. "Niva" can do almost everything that your boldness will allow you on the road.

"High-altitude Master" firm offers performance of high-altitude works by a method of industrial mountaneering. If there is a necessity for carrying out of repair-building, assembly and other kinds of works at height, and the use of elevating mechanisms is complicated, unprofitable or is in general impossible, it is difficult to underestimate the advantage of industrial mountaneering.




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